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Did you know that the same parts of a personality that contribute to insecurities, conflicts, and mediocrity in leadership are the same parts that contribute to unfulfilling and challenging romantic experiences, devoid of joy and deep emotional intimacy? The foundation of great leadership and amazing love life is the same -- Self-leadership. CLIMAX: Why Great Leaders Need Love Affairs is a leadership fable of two mediocre leaders who come to a crossroads: either do the inner work to shed the masks and egos or become another statistical casualty by joining the two-thirds of leaders who fail. Learn the root causes of leadership failure that traditional leadership development paradigms and books do not address.

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"This is more than just another novel. By interweaving the principles of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy throughout this dramatic story of business and personal relationships, we glean insights that will serve us well in our own professional and intimate relationships. I am grateful to Emily for offering these lessons in such an engaging way." 

~ Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, Founder and Developer of Internal Family Systems, author of Internal Family Systems Therapy: The Mosaic Mind

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"This is a great book about great leaders. But it is not about a love affair; it is about finding love in yourself. Philosophers have long held that to love another you must first love yourself. With excellent case studies and a well-structured protocol for self-examination and self-help, Emily Liu asks the reader to look inside. This introspection can lead to self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and self-love. She speaks not of narcissism nor self-absorption but of a strong comfort level with one’s self. She is on rock solid ground in her discussions of psychology, and her writing is smooth and easy.

Ms. Liu and I share the view that to be a great leader you must really be in touch with yourself, your character, and your values. And she rightly places love as the bedrock of that value system. Why the focus on values? A leader demonstrating a strong set of values such as respect, openness, and integrity is what causes followers to really trust the leader. 'I would follow ‘X’ to hell and back.' In a nonromantic sense, leaders 'love' a leader of good character. Liu makes the case that the first step is to love yourself."

~ Robert C. Carroll, author of Building Your Leadership Legacy: It’s All About Character


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CLIMAX is an important read to understand how unresolved childhood traumas can negatively impact personal and business relationships. Emily Liu’s ability to tell a story allows you to empathize with its characters. If you desire greatness in all areas of your life, CLIMAX teaches you how the Internal Family Systems Self-leadership model can help you become more authentic and self-aware, in an effort to achieve your dreams in leadership and love.

~ Patrick H. Tyrance, Jr., MD MPP MBA, Harvard-trained Orthopedic Surgeon, NFL Draft Pick and Advisor to Medical and Health Device Start-ups, and author of the upcoming book, Making the Cut: Steps to Overcoming Fear and Reclaiming Your Power


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Why I Wrote an Edgy Book Called "CLIMAX" 

The Universe purposely orchestrated "harrowing" entrepreneurial and post-divorce-dating spiritual experiences so that I could eventually birth this book.

In addition, outwardly successful alpha male clients come to me with: "Emily, please teach me how to be a REAL MAN; I've been wearing masks; I can't do this anymore more; I'm miserable! Why do my relationships failAND... why am I not happy with all that I've accomplished?" Female clients come to me to help them remove their masks, fears, and insecurities that drove them to self-sabotage repeatedly, especially in love. 

So... my personal and professional OMG! experiences inspired the birth of my brand CLIMAX IN LOVE and this (fictional) book so you can learn the psycho-spiritual depths and truths of what you must do to manifest and live a nourishing True-Love and Happily-Ever-After life that has nothing to do with the outward trappings of wealth, status/power, and material things.

Unfortunately, societal conditioning has led many of us to believe that money, status, and stuff were the keys to happiness; they're not; you know that. You have to get your romantic life to a deeply intimate place. The birthplace of true JOY is having a rich and fulfilling intimate partnership. CLIMAX shows you the whys and hows of climaxing in love (and leadership).

~ Emily W. Liu

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